Peruvian Pyrite Skull - RARE - Extra Large

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Gorgeous hand-carved Large Iron Pyrite Skull from Peru!

This is larger than a normal sized adult skull, and among the largest pyrite skulls in the world.

Features beautiful druzy pyrite in cubic structures glimmer in various lighting setups, sun or moonlight, catching the light in endless variations. Wonderfully styled through expert artist crafting, this skull has loads of personality from all angles.

The skull is heavy, solid Iron Pyrite, highly reflective and features a naturally incorporated fissure in right side of skull which dazzles with sparkling light.

A gorgeous conversation starter for any environment and timeless heirloom piece.

*Pyrite is metal, therefore we recommend keeping it away from consistent moisture, rain and condensation. Can be displayed outside on fair weather days and gleams in the sun. A photogenic skull*

Worldwide shipping available.

Healing Properties associated with Pyrite:

  • Excellent Grounding Characteristics
  • Confidence Enhancing
  • Fire Stone
  • Creativity Mineral
  • Cubic Molecular Structure
  • Deflects negative energies naturally
  • Supports Blood Health
  • Helpful for Anemia