Hemimorphite Crystal

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Hemimorphite is a zinc ore. Half of its composition is metallic zinc. Its name originates from the Greek words 'hemi' and 'morph', which translates as 'half-shape'. The ame refers to its unusual hemimorphic crystal forms, featuring asymmetrical axial crystal terminations. One end of each crystal is blunt, dominated by a pedion (a single face), while the other is pointed and pyramidal.

This stone gently relieves angst. Hemimorphite is linked to self expression and communication. It is linked primarily to the throat chakra and as a result it stimulates an openness, and willingness to share who we really are. It promotes peace and understanding in the self, because of the openness it generates within. Hemimorphite encourages artistic expression, friendliness, playfulness and in turn promotes friendships, generosity, and kindness to others.

5.5" x 5.25"