Fuchsite with Garnet

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Fuchsite with Garnet

This pair fuchsite with numerous garnets embedded within it is a fascinating chromium-rich feldspar, infused with bits of mica.

Fuchsite assists in transcending codependencies, aiding in a fast overcoming of traumas, emotionally and physically. Fuchsite enhances the vibratory factors of other minerals and assists in the infusion of their energies. Utilize fuchsite to shift energies into positive directions, releasing potential blockages from excess energy.
Fuchsite is also associated with nature realms, plants and greenery, and has a calming, serene effect on mind and body.

Unique attributes of this crystal:

  • 100% Organic Fuchsite with many garnets embedded
  • Brightness green color/quality
  • Dazzling mica flecks infused across the beautiful surface catch the light
  • Calming and empowering energy is both activating and serene
  • Assists in strengthening connection to the Earth and earth/plant elements