Crystal:  Blood Red Calcite

Name: Big RED, True Blood, Hunk of Burnin Love

Birth Place:  Mexico


Dimensions:  W: 9 Inches  D:  10 inches  H:  15 1/2 inches

Color : Blood Red.  Red Calcite can range from pale orange to deep, rich red. The more iron in the mineral composition, the more rich the calcites color.

Mineral Content : CaCO3

Crystal Structure :  Trigonal, rhombohedral

Hardness :   3

Chakra :  Heart and Root

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Crystal Description :

This crystal is saturated with the deepest rich red color I have ever come across in my world of minerals. This crystal is the definition of RED!

The silky slick feel of this crystal was created by gently bathing it in an acidic wash to secure its bond. Calcite not washed in this process is vulnerable to breaking and cracking quite easily.

This Calcite is free standing, solid and multifaceted. Natural in all its ridges and curves blended with white calcite in certain places. You will notice in some areas you experience smooth vertical rods, what I call “calcite teeth” whereas other areas of the calcite may remind you of hills and valleys with a ridged texture.

This Crystal’s Story:

When I came across “Big Red,” I was on a specific search for Blood Red Calcite. Our prior large piece found its home as an intricate addition in one of my favorite clients growing calcite collections.

As cliche as it sounds,  it was love at first sight. I knew the moment I saw this calcite, from across the room, that it was going with me. That it was so solid and strong, made it a good potential interactive piece. I appreciated that it stood sturdily upright and could also be placed horizontally with ease.

This crystal has been charged in both the West Hollywood and Malibu Crystal Sanctuaries. It has participated in many Crystal Gong baths and wellness events. It has been avidly placed below a healing table to support heart health, strength as well as organ function, iron assimilation and calming.

Healing Properties Associated:

Increased Healthy Organ Function with Blood Red Calcite. The essence of deep saturation, like a Super food in mineral form.

When this specific dark blood red calcite was excavated, I was one of the first to receive this new level of red calcite, we named it Blood Red Calcite… not to be confused with Red Calcite which is more common and has more orange in its pigment.

The Blood Red immediately made me salivate and a sensation of Popeye, when he eats his spinach, came over me…signifying there was a high source of iron present. My personal piece of Red Calcite reminds me of a rich in nutrients, big piece of organic meat. When my body craves meat or other foods rich with iron, I will often reach for my Blood Red Calcite.

Red Calcite is known for harmonizing chaotic energies. Calcite helps to smooth dissonance into a calm energy making it a great tool for calming anxiety and panic attacks. Restores motivation, and accelerates growth and development.

As a Wellness Tool:  

HUG ROCK:  This is an excellent piece to wrap your arms around and have your chest flush against the rock as if you are indeed hugging it.

Can also be laid on the floor and serve as an ottoman, placing your feet on the crystal ( I always suggest with bare feet.)  This calcite is rich in calcium and known to help support bones and joints. Often resulting in less pain and more ease. Could be fun to place your head on it like a pillow for a calming of the mind meditation. It’s a grounding stone so those feeling anxious or not feeling “ in their body ” it is an excellent piece to ground one’s energy into the body and out of the head.

Those who experience anemia or  may be “slightly” anemic, which I have often been, benifit from crystals such as these, rich with iron.

Energy focused into calcite will return amplified, so if you need a power up, direct your energy into this stone and rock out!

SorenityRocksMalibu Red Calcite Crystal - Sorenity Rocks Malibu
SorenityRocksMalibu Red Calcite Crystal - Sorenity Rocks Malibu
SorenityRocksMalibu Red Calcite Crystal - Sorenity Rocks Malibu
SorenityRocksMalibu Red Calcite Crystal - Sorenity Rocks Malibu
SorenityRocksMalibu Red Calcite Crystal - Sorenity Rocks Malibu
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