Crystal: Ametrine Cluster

Name: Ametrine Generator

Birth Place: Bolivia

Weight: 29 pounds

Dimensions: W: 11 Inches D: 10 inches H: 13 ¾ inches

Color: Deep Purple with Golden Brown Natural Citrine in the points.

Mineral Content: SiO2, with Fe4 impurities

Crystal Structure: Trigonal, hexagonal prisms

Hardness: 7

Chakra: Crown and Solar Plexus

Crystal Description:

Ametrine is the beautiful blend of Natural Citrine and Amethyst. The Dark Purple is the Amethyst. The light brown inclusions located in the tips of the points are the glorious Natural Citrine. When illuminated, the citrine looks like waves in an Amethyst Ocean.


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This Crystal’s Story:

This “Ametrine Generator” has been with SorenityRocks since February of 2016. I chose her for her deep rich color and bright citrine, it has been more rare to see a high quality piece the last few years so I was thrilled to be her temporary keeper. It has been charged with The SorenityRocks Grand Master Collection both in the SorenityRocks West Hollywood and the SorenityRocksMalibu crystal sanctuaries. She has been used in healings near the crown chakra for adults, children and animals as well as under healing tables. She has been selected to be photographed for SorenityRocksMalibu healing art series. Her vibration steadily increased and her points at close distance had a vibratory stimulating effect in ones bodies as it helped to detox and move thru stagnant energy.

Healing Properties Associated:

Ametrine blends my favorite qualities of Amethyst and Citrine. I find Ametrine’s energy to exude a deep relaxation, like Amethyst, woven with a recharge vibration of joy and warmth, similarly to the sun’s energy, as Citrine provides.
Ametrine helps to calm an over-active mind, allowing the mind to function at a slower pace to create clarity. I’ve been witness to Ametrine being helpful for those with compulsivity and addictive behaviors. Clients exhibit a slower pace, their energy seems more balanced after working with Ametrine. I notice connectivity to their body and voice. Citrine’s qualities provide optimism, lightness and enhanced joy are infused within Ametrine. It is an efficient balance of relaxation and a natural “Anti-depressant.” Those striving for increased creativity, gently place your third eye to the face of the point where the citrine is located and see what creative ideas pop in! Citrine is known to be a stone of wealth and abundance. Helps release blockages in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The amethyst raises the clearing quality of citrine. Transmutes lower energies to higher energies, and negative energy to positive energy. I’ve found it helpful in breaking up negative emotional programing and combining qualities of intellect and spirituality.

As a Wellness Tool:

Placing this stone at head level is efficient for relaxation and heightened intuition. This Ametrine is abundant with points angled in many directions supporting energy to move around the room efficiently. Layed down with points pointed directionally toward an area that is not in balance can speed up relaxation, recovery and clarity. Standing above the Ametrine, with points pointed upward, has created a sense of grounding, cleansing, recharge within ones body.

SorenityRocksMalibu Ametrine
SorenityRocksMalibu Ametrine
SorenityRocksMalibu Ametrine
Additional Information
Weight 29.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 11 x 13.75 in

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