SorenityRocksMalibu Large Amethyst Twins – Crystals
Lenise of SorenityRocksMalibu with Largest Quartz Cluster in the World
Lenise of SorenityRocksMalibu with Huge Amethyst
Lenise of SorenityRocksMalibu with Large Quartz Cluster

Calendar List of Events

March 10th 2017 Friday Evening

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Event:  Crystal Gong Bath


Lenise Soren  &  Lauren Waggoner

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March 12th 2017 Sunday Late Morning

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event:  Crystal Mat Pilates

Facilitator:  Andrea White

Followed by:

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation and Sacred Toning

12:30 pm -1:00 pm

Facilitator:  Lenise Soren

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Soho House Malibu.

SorenityRocksMalibu:  A Crystal Interactive Wellness Gallery & Performing Arts Sanctuary Celebrate our Grand Opening Week!

Lenise Soren & SorenityRocksMalibu Opens its doors to a private event for Soho House Members

> January 11, 2017

3939 Cross Creek Rd. Suite C110

Malibu, CA 90265

Experience an evening of Crystal Meditation Stations where you are invited to sit, stand, lay on and around large and powerful crystals. 

Lenise will be teaching the practical uses of crystals while members rotate, interacting with large pieces moving to one meditation station to another. Other members will be laying down or sitting, adorned by crystals. 

Lenise will guide the evening with blending her voice and sacred crystal sound healing instruments to release stagnant energy enabling balance, relaxation and clarity. 

Following the Workshop members are invited to explore The SorenityRocksMalibu rotating Crystal Collection on exhibit, sharing some of the largest crystals in the world. 

Gifts! SHOP for the Holidays.  Let's make it a Crystal Christmas and a Healing Hanukkah! 

Crystals, Crystal wellness tools, Crystal jewelry, Crystal Sound instruments, Healing photography, wellness treatments, gift certificates and more! 

Enjoy a complimentary Crystal, Crystal Water, Organic foods and superfoods coffee and tea sponsored by IMMORDL. 

Clients from Our October Soho House Workshop remarked feeling:

- Relaxed

- More Clear

- Lighter

- Experienced Less Pain 

- More Balanced 

- Creatively Unblocked

- Recharged 

Please eat prior to arrival, hydrate well, dress comfortably and get ready to Rock! 

Where to Find Us:

Visit our NEW MALIBU Location

Interactive Crystal Wellness Gallery & Performance Arts Sanctuary  


3939 Cross Creek Road, Suite C110

Malibu CA 90265

Monday By Appointment Only 

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm

Early Morning & Late Evening by appointment only 

Events and Art Exhibits by Submission Requests via email and by committee approval. 

Every Sunday: Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School.Enter thru Fairfax entrance, Space # Y35 

7850 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Sunday's  9am-5pm

Lenise of Sorenity Rocks with Amethyst Twins